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Resilience & Fortitude: The YLTY response and re-establishment in Eretz Yisroel

Updated: Jan 31

As the auspicious year of 5784 began, Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel was gearing up for a successful 3rd year, reopening its doors for the third time. Welcoming over 50 Bochrim, Elter Bochrim, and Shluchim, setting the stage for an extraordinary chapter in its Chazakah year.Initially, what seemed like a typical Tishrei break, with vast majority of Bochurim in the Rebbe's Daled Amos in Crown Heights, took an unexpected turn. The unprecedented circumstances on Simchas Torah led to the initiation of "Operation Of Iron Swords." 

Undeterred by the significant challenges, the Hanhala of the yeshiva worked hard to create a temporary learning environment in the heart of Crown Heights. At the same time utilising Yeshivas resources in Bet Shemesh for the war effort and readying the Yeshiva for the Bochurims safe return.Only two weeks later, with the safety of the bochrim ensured, the yeshiva returned to Eretz Yisroel without leaving a single bochur behind.

Adversity sometimes brings out hidden strengths. Our yeshiva, the Hanholo, Shluchim, Bochurim - everyone - embraced an approach of responsibility, action and urgency. As we engaged in the spiritual battle within the Zal, we also focused on what lay extended beyond the confines of Yeshiva. There were unique learning opportunities presented to our bochrim to seize and make the most of their time with determination. Our amazing Shluchim have been working hard to arrange visits to army bases, daily mivtzoim, BBQs and other activities with the army. Visiting soldiers in hospitals and rehabilitation, attending heartbreaking funerals and Shiva of soldiers from families in Bet Shemesh. Hearing special guest speakers, and special learning programs and Farbrengens with our community. All which connect our Bochurim with their surroundings, instill the values of gemilas chassadim, giving back and being there for Klal Yisroel in a very real and practical hands on way.

One bochur mentioned that it really hit home for him when he met soldier on a forward base near Gaza who is being Moser Nefesh bepoel. "The soldier said that all he wants to do is be able to learn another sugya and that he's doing what he's doing just so that we should be able to learn and live safely and securely. This really connected me with what I was doing and I realized that every moment is precious and should be savored and appreciated and I need to make the most of it".

Amidst the challenges, our yeshiva remains steadfast in its commitment to both spiritual and practical personal growth of each bochur. The blend of Torah learning and active involvement in the community has not only strengthened our students' characters but also contributed to their focus in learning.

As we navigate these unprecedented times, our heartfelt prayer is for the ultimate light and good news of Moshiach may it reverberate the world over immediately now.

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