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Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel had an inspiring Shabbos surrounded by the spell bounding nature of the Rimon crater in the city of Mitzpeh Ramon, located on the edge of the crater. The Bochurim were joined for Shabbos my Rabbis Yosef Malkin, Elchonon Cohen and Schneur Aizenman and their families.

Rabbi Malkin Farbrenged into the night about independence and maturity. And the Bochurim sat throughout Shabbos day ending Shabbos with a hearfelt Seder Niggunim looking out over the beautiful view of the crater.

Everyone gathered together Motzei Shabbos to sing around the bonfire into the night after a unique star gazing talk with a local guide about the sky panorama seen only in this location.

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