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Annual Yud Tes Kislev Gathering

Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel recently hosted a heartwarming Yud Tes Kislev celebration, joined by enthusiastic students from Yeshivas Lev Hatorah, Ashreinu, and Reishis. The event, held at the Chabad House of Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel and led by Rabbis Gluckowski and Mendelsohn, beautifully showcased the uplifting impact of Chassidic teachings and community unity.

Rabbi Meir Levinger's keynote address highlighted the transformative influence of Chassidic philosophy on one's connection to Hashem, Torah, and mitzvos. The evening also featured insightful words from Rabbi Mo Kaplan, the Night Rebbe at Yeshivas Lev Hatorah, adding to the spiritual richness of the gathering.

 The evening culminated with Habachor Hashliach Menachem Garbose kicking off our inter school chassidus chavrusah program, pairing together bochrim ftom YLTY with the students of the various yeshivas in the community. The yeshiva also launched a community wide Chalukas Hashas fulfilling the directive of the Alter Rebbe.

Credit goes to the dedicated Shluchim—Dovid Ezagui, Shneur Uzvolk, Menachem Raebern, Menachem Garbose, and Shmuel Chriqui—for seamlessly organizing this significant event, fostering unity and spiritual growth within the community.

The celebration of Yud Tes Kislev, known for liberating Chassidic thought, echoed throughout Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel, transcending backgrounds and uniting attendees in the shared embrace of Torah and Chassidus.

As participants left, they carried not just memories of the gathering but also a renewed commitment to spiritual growth and a deeper connection to Hashem, a testament to the enduring impact of Chassidic teachings.

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