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Spreading The Light OF Chassidus

Updated: Feb 26

Every Wednesday night, the dedicated bochrim of YLTY carve out time from their post-seder schedules to visit Reishit and Lev Hatorah, two local yeshivas in Beit Shemesh. With a mission to share the profound teachings of Chassidus, in alignment with the Lubavitcher Rebbe's directive, with those who may not have the privilege of incorporating Chassidus into their lives.

With over 20 chavrusahs established so far, these boys are not just imparting knowledge; they are building lasting connections with bochrim from diverse backgrounds. These chavrusahs offer more than just a chance to delve into Chassidus; they provide a platform for vibrant discussions on Chassidic concepts, stories, and ideas with most of these bochrim being exposed to chassidus for the first time in their lives.

What began as an outreach initiative has blossomed into an educational and empowering experience for YLTY's own bochrim. Representing the Rebbe and Chabad in a formal manner, and fielding questions on theoretical beliefs, views, and values, has solidified these young individuals' convictions.

In these challenging times, fostering unity among Jews from all backgrounds is crucial. As they engage in this shared journey of learning, may we witness the arrival of Moshiach, bringing redemption swiftly to our days.

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