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After studying together once a week for a number of months, the bochurim of Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel of Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel and the Modern Orthodox Yeshivas Lev Hatorah joined together for an rousing Yud Shevat farbrengen.

The weekly learning was arranged by the bochurim shluchim to Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel, namely Isaac Mintz, Dovi Spalter, Menny Farkash and Yitzchok Kamchin. Every Wednesday night, the shluchim brought the bochurim to Yeshivas Lev Hatorah in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, and chavrusos in Chassidus would be held.

It started off with just a few chavrusos, but it quickly grew into a large number of bochurim from each yeshiva learning Chassidus together every Wednesday night. The learning was encouraged by the hanhala of Tiferes Yisroel, and by Lev Hatorah sgan rosh yeshiva Rav Michoel Cytrin and night seder maggid shiur Rav Mordechai Kaplan,

affectionately known as “Rabbi Mo.”

As Yud Shevat approached, Rabbi Kaplan reached out to Rabbi Chaim Moss,

menahel of Tiferes Yisroel, and asked if the yeshivah could hold a joint farbrengen to mark the day. Rabbi Moss immediately agreed.

“We thought 5 or 10 bochurim from Lev Hatorah would attend,

but after a signup sheet was put up, over 35 bochurim signed up to join the farbrengen,” Rabbi Moss said.

Seeing the wide interest in the farbrengen, Rabbi Kaplan arranged

a bus to take his students to join the farbrengen, with a scheduled start at 10:00 PM and end at 12:00 AM.

Leading the farbrengen was Rabbi Yakov Yosef Kuperman, maggid shiur in Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim in Kiryat Gat, and mashpia in Tiferes Yisroel. He was joined by members of the hanhala of both yeshivos.

Rabbi Mo also spoke, sharing some beautiful stories of his youth and how important a connection to the Rebbe is, saying that the connection to the Rebbe is what inspired and gives chayus to all the shluchim around the world

Rabbi Shimon Garbose, rosh yeshiva of Tiferes Yisroel spoke about the contention between pnimiyus and chitzoniyus when one reflects on their Hiskashrus.

Rabbi Moss spoke about the amazing year of Hakhel and how important it was that our two Yeshivos joined together. Rabbis Mendy Marinovsky and Rabbi Schneur Aizenman also spoke.

The farbrengen continued in high spirits for two hours, and when 12:00 AM arrived, the bochurim wished to remain. Alas, the bus was there and waiting for them…

“The farbrengen was a highlight of the year, showcasing the unity between the two yeshivos and highlighting the unique opportunities the bochurim receive during their year at Tiferes Yisroel,” Rabbi Moss said.

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